Why are regular check-ups important for adults?

Regular dental reviews are an important and very straightforward way to help prevent disease and maintain good overall health. Your check-ups enable us to detect the earliest signs of any problems, often before they can cause unpleasant or painful symptoms.

The benefits of regular check-ups include:

During your examination, we will check the condition of your teeth and gums. Any sign of disease if caught early enough can prevent tooth loss later in life. Digital dental x-rays show areas of your mouth that are hidden from view and are extremely important as part of your regular maintenance plan and to diagnose any problems. Most people in reasonable dental health will only need a full set of x-rays every two years or so.

Oral cancer screenings are vital, and are quick and non-invasive. We will carefully examine all your oral tissues to see if there are any small changes that require further investigation. Oral cancer is becoming more common, but if caught soon enough has very high survival rates.

Regular examinations can be more cost-effective in the longer term, and help give you peace of mind that your teeth are properly maintained. Your appointments also provide an opportunity for you to discuss your smile with us and to ask any questions you may have about your dental health.