Dr Lora Banicevic – Principal Dentist


I am Dr Lora, the owner and principal dentist of Corner 32 Dental. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and Corner 32!

I often get asked why I chose to become a dentist. I hear phrases and get asked questions like “I don’t know how you can do this job”, “How you can stare into people’s mouths all day?”, “I hate the dentist!” etc. on the daily. But after over a decade spent “staring into mouths all day”, I can honestly tell you that I LOVE being a dentist.

I originally chose this profession because I was always interested in medicine but knew I wanted to have a family someday and desired the flexible lifestyle that could be achieved with a career in dentistry. Journeying through my career until this present point, my passion for dentistry has just grown and grown over the years. I enjoy the technical aspects of the job but mostly I enjoy the relationships that I get to build with my patients and their families.

Coming to the dentist can be a scary and highly daunting experience for many people, especially if they’ve had a bad experience in the past. I thoroughly enjoy being able to change people’s perception of visiting the dentist. My team and I pride ourselves on providing a safe and calming environment for anyone who chooses to visit us at Corner 32, especially our more nervous patients. We highly value compassion which means you will always be treated with kindness and understanding and, even more importantly, you will never feel judged or criticised for your dental concerns.

Many people don’t know that dental-related diseases can significantly affect your general health. I strongly believe that a patient and their doctor must work together to ensure optimal health. For me, that means helping my patients restore and maintain their oral health, and therefore their overall health, to transform their lives. For some, this involves enhancing their smile, so they have more confidence and better self-esteem; for others it means restoring function so they can eat normally again, leading to a more joyful life. For some, it means eliminating cavities and gum disease to improve heart health, brain health and blood sugar levels (diabetes); for others, it provides the peace of mind that their teeth will be expertly maintained and protected for a very long time.

I always do my best for each patient, and this involves spending much of my time on further education to learn, grow and improve both my personal and dental skills. Outside of work though, I love spending time with my family – my wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters (aged 2.5 and 5). I enjoy painting, reading and you are sure to find me in the local cafes around Putney enjoying a good cup of coffee!”

Dr Lora studied dentistry at the University of Sydney She is passionate about treating patients of all ages and has created a practice centred on a treatment philosophy of preventative care. She encourages a holistic approach towards dental health and collaborates closely with other dental and medical specialists to ensure patients receive the best and most appropriate treatment to maintain and restore health. She has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry including whitening, veneers, clear aligner orthodontics and cosmetic injectables.

Dr Lora


Bachelor of Medical Science (2009) from the University of Sydney

Bachelor of Dentistry with Honours (2012) from the University of Sydney

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Orthodontics (2021) from EduQual (UK)

Graduate Diploma of Digital Orthodontic Treatments from the Digital Orthodontic College (2023)

NB: All information is correct at the time of writing – September 2023

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