Why are regular check-ups important for children?

Regular dental examinations are very important and we recommend your child has their first visit by age two. Primary (baby) teeth are instrumental in helping your child learn to speak and eat properly as well as maintaining the correct amount of space for when their adult teeth erupt. In most cases, we will need to see your child every six months and will do everything possible to make sure these visits are enjoyable.

At each appointment, we will gently examine your child’s mouth, including their teeth, gums and oral tissues for any signs of disease. Regular examinations are the most effective way to detect any problems so they can be dealt with before they cause any unpleasant symptoms. Digital dental x-rays help to show any signs of decay in between the teeth and provide visual images of teeth still to erupt.

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These regular appointments also enable us to assess your child’s jaws and teeth to check that they are developing normally. We will provide brushing and flossing instructions and general advice on home dental care and nutrition to maintain good dental health.