Does my child need a mouthguard?

Participating in sports activities nowadays is the norm for many children. Any sporting activity that involves contact with other players, balls or sticks means that there is the potential of trauma to the teeth. Young children who are getting used to a brand new set of big, adult front teeth are at the highest risk of trauma to these teeth. It just so happens that our front teeth are crucial to a beautiful smile, which is motivation enough to protect them!

Injuries Can Happen During Any Sports

Trauma injuries to teeth are lifelong injuries. Teeth that have been damaged due to trauma require ongoing care at regular intervals, and many will need more aggressive forms of treatment, such a root canal therapy or extraction. To avoid this occurring, it is crucial to consider wearing a custom made sports mouthguard from the dentist, not the chemist or sports stores!

Our dentists are able to fabricate pressure-formed custom sports mouthguards, which are specifically tailored to your child’s mouth. A custom made mouthguard is by far superior to any generic mouthguard you can buy from the shops. This is because the comfort and fit are optimal. Your child will not risk the mouthguard becoming loose or unstable during a game. On the other hand, a generic ‘do-it-yourself’ mouthguard will not fit securely and will only offer compromised protection to the teeth.

Consult our dentists about getting your child’s sports mouthguard made today!