Benefits of Invisalign vs Braces

Did you have braces as a child but didn’t wear your retainer and now your teeth have become cooked again? Did you miss out on having braces and don’t like your smile but feel worried it’s too late to fix your teeth? Are your teeth very crowded which is making them hard to keep clean? Clear aligners could be the perfect solution for you! 


Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are a series of plastic trays customised to fit your teeth and straighten them over time. Your aligners are custom-made for you using cutting edge technology. They work by gently and gradually shifting your teeth into position by applying consistent pressure. After about 2 days of light pressure from each new aligner, your teeth begin to move. Every 1- 2 weeks you’ll switch to a new aligner. 

Advantages to Invisalign clear aligners compared to metal braces:

  1. They look much better because they’re virtually impossible to see. 
  2. They are more comfortable to wear, especially for adults. 
  3. They are removable during treatment, allowing you the freedom to eat the foods you normally would. Braces, on the other hand, require you to not eat any sticky or very hard foods to prevent them from being caught in or damaging the braces.
  4. Because they can be removed, it means you can brush and floss as normal, minimising the risks of gum disease or decay (hole in the teeth) that can happen with braces.
  5. There is no metal involved so no risk of irritating the gums or cheeks.
  6. The cost is very similar to metal braces.
  7. Emergency appointments are extremely rare.
  8. Fewer visits are required overall allowing for more time and freedom whilst still undergoing treatment.
  9. Treatment times can often be shorter than metal braces due to the highly customised nature of the aligners.

We all deserve to have a smile that we’re proud of. If you’re curious to see if clear aligners could work for you, reach out to us for more information!